Soapstone Dish - Oval 2 Piece

Soapstone Dish - Oval 2 Piece

  • $14.95

This exquisite soap dish with a hand carved butterfly is made from soapstone by a co-operative in India. It looks and feels like marble. Each piece is unique with its own coloration and grain.

Clean up is easy peasy because of the two-piece design. The cut outs allow air circulation so your bar stays dry.  Practical and Pretty!  Can't beat that. 

Buy two, one for yourself and one for a gift.  Just add a beautiful bar of soap for a perfect and complete gift.

Not recommended for use in showers or bathtubs because of their delicacy. For tubs and showers, we recommend our soap nets which you can find under Accessories.

The photo below is the actual one in inventory. 

This dish is 5" X 3.75" X 1".