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Josette BodyCare



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 You will love these little nets.  They sell better than chocolate brownies!  And for a good reason! 

Soap Nets:

  •  Allow your bar to dry out in between uses, which makes your bar last longer.
  • Convenient strap for hanging in your shower--no more puddles.       
  •  Provides gentle exfoliation
  •  No more dropping your soap
  •  Increases the lather 
  •  Save those soap scraps.  Just add another bar to the bag.
  •  Keep various types of soap hanging in your shower to satisfy whatever mood you are in (or in need of)
  • BPA and latex free, made from recyclable material
  • Made in the USA.

You just slide the bead to the end, open the bag, stretch the net over your bar of soap and then push the bead down to close the bag. 

Use suction hooks and hang several with your favorite bars or have "his" and "her" bars.  


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