A Slice of Cake

  • $25.00


Supplies are severely limited because these are handmade.  

Yes, it's a slice of cake, but it has zero calories.

Made of soap except the greeting sign.

Slices are decorated with flowers and leaves that trail down one side.  Gorgeous!

Decorate with it.  It makes a great conversation piece.

And you can wash with it. 

Fragrance is Black Raspberry Vanilla, an extremely popular blend. 

It comes with a clear plastic plate, white paper doily and a plastic silver fork. 

These are handmade and each one is unique.  Type of flowers are not an option and may differ from the images. 

You can choose a gift box or without.  Gift box is shinny hat box style, filled with purple shred and tissue paper. However because it is delicate, it will be wrapped in bubble wrap and will need to be unwrapped and set upon the plate. 

Keep out of direct sunlight and away from children. The colors and fragrance will last for years.