“Umm that smells wonderful!......Where’s that scent coming from?....Aww...those colorful, luxurious boxes…. What’s with the names…Let’s Play, Keep It Real, You Go Girl? ....Handcrafted…. Natural….Organic”


Josette BodyCare loves working with boutiques and spas. We have recently rebranded, but under our former brand, Josette Bath & Body, we established long lasting partnerships. We are proud of not only our quality products but the service we provide.

 If you have a retail store and would like to carry Josette BodyCare, please leave us a message.  Tell us the name and location of your store and the type of merchandise you carry. Your name and how to best reach you.   

We promise to contact you within 3 business days.

We are partners with Faire, an wholesale marketplace matching sellers with buyers.  They offer some really sweet deals such as 60 days net, free return of first purchase (not that you will want to) and credit for first purchase.  These promotions are subject to change.  If you are interested in purchasing Josette BodyCare through Faire, please contact me first so I can ensure I avoid their high commissions. 

Treat Yourself, Love Yourself

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