Since you know I make and sell handcrafted soap, you are expecting me to tell you that commercial bar soaps are VERY bad for you.  Right? 

Read on...you may be surprised. 

 Let's take a look at the ingredients of some popular commercial bars

  Josette BodyCare commercial soap Josette BodyCare Dove Beauty Bar




       CARESS BEAUTY BAR                      DOVE BEAUTY BAR


Josette BodyCare Dial SoapJosette BodyCare Ivory Soap







          DIAL SOAP                                            IVORY SOAP


Did you really read all of that?   I wouldn't have!

 LET'S DISCUSS THE BAD INGREDIENTS!           Josette BodyCare Commercial Soap vs Handcrafted

FRAGRANCE -- Unfortunately, fragrance is a bad, bad ingredient!  It is the number one culprit of allergies.  But worse than that, it can be toxic to our immune system.  Fragrance is rated 8 out of 10 for hazard by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG is a non-profit organization whose mission is to keep us humans, safe and healthy. 

But guess what, Josette BodyCare uses fragrances, too.  Why?  Simple! Unscented does not sell!  So Josette has done the next best thing, by making sure our fragrances are phthalate free and by providing products scented with essential oils.

By the way, most fragrances are composed of many different ingredients. So many, it would be impossible to force manufacturers to list them all on a label. Also, it's coveted proprietary information. 

COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE is rated 4 as a moderate hazard by the EWG. It is a surfactant that has been associated with skin irritation and dermatitis.  This ingredient is found in Caress Beauty Bar.  LUSH also uses this ingredient in some of their bath bombs, shampoos, etc.

PEG 6 METHYL ETHER is rated 3 as a moderate hazard by the EWG because of organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)  This is in Dove Beauty Bar.  

Yes, I see all those ugly looking chemical names, but.... most are safe.  And let's face it, there are chemicals that are safer for us than some of the "natural" things we find in the garden or forest.  Don't let the word "sodium" fool ya.  Sodium is the chemical name for salt and chemically speaking a bar of soap is salt!










 LET'S DISCUSS THE GOOD INGREDIENTS: Josette BodyCare Commercial Soap vs Handcrafted

SODIUM TALLOWATE   -- All of the above bars contain a high percentage of tallowate.  Tallowate is fat from animals such as cow, sheep or pig.  Why would anyone use animal fat?  First, it's very inexpensive and second, it makes an awesome lather and good cleanser. 

Josette BodyCare does not use tallowate because we cater to the vegan market. We personally do not have any beef (pardon the pun) with makers who use it.  Animals are not killed for their fat but for their meat.  Using the fat is another way of being economical. 

SODIUM PALMATE OR SODIUM COCOATE -- This is soap made from palm oil or coconuts. Sodium is salt.  Seems odd, but by using soap to make soap; it shortens the production time.  And since commercial manufacturers use soap to make soap, they do not list the ingredient Sodium Hydroxide, commonly called lye. 

Note that 2 soaps, Ivory and Dial have tallowate and sodium palmate and sodium cocoate listed as their main ingredient. And the 2 beauty bars, Dove and Caress use Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, the detergent.  How strange, you say?  Yes, the Beauty Bars are made with detergent, a synthetic commonly considered to be harsh. 

LET'S DISCUSS THE "MAYBE SAFE" INGREDIENTS: Josette BodyCare Commercial Soap vs Handcrafted

SODIUM LAUROYL ISETHIONATE -- is a detergent & surfactant considered safe.  It is rated 1 out of 10 as a safe ingredient by the Environmental Working Group. It is the main ingredient in Dove and Caress Beauty Bars.  Note Dove and Caress do not and can not claim to be soap because they are not!  They contain mostly this detergent.  Detergents are synthetic ingredients that go through many processes.  We think of detergent as being a stronger cleanser, like the stuff that de-greases, but that is not always the case. 

ALL OTHER INGREDIENTS are rated 1 or 2 out of 10 for hazardous by the EWG. So other than fragrance, there are not a lot of ingredients in commercial soap to complain about.

BUT WAIT, HERE COMES THE PUNCH LINE     Josette BodyCare Commercial Soap vs Handcrafted

It's What Handcrafted Soapmaker's Don't Do!

Glycerol, also called glycerin is a natural by-product created when oils and/or fats are mixed with Sodium Hydroxide (lye).  It causes a chemical reaction called saponification. Glycerin is super moisturizing and very valuable. 

Commercial manufacturers take the glycerin out of the soap. Technically, they use a process whereby they skim the soap off the top, leaving behind the glycerin which is extracted.  Commercial manufacturers can either use this glycerin in their lotions and moisturizers where their is a higher profit margin or sell it to other industries. 

Basically, the soap bar dries out your skin so you buy more lotion. 

What's So Great About Josette BodyCare's Handcrafted Soap?

Josette BodyCare's Bar Soaps contain: 

  • Phthlate-free fragrance oils or high quality essential oils
  • Fewer ingredients which means fewer potential allergens
  • Natural oils that do not commonly cause allergies
  • A mix of oils for a balance of vitamins and minerals
  • No harsh synthetics that cause dryness & skin irritations.



Coconut Oil              

Palm Oil

Shea Butter

Sunflower Oil

Olive Oil

Sodium Lactate --this is a liquid salt that helps to harden the bar.  This is also the same product, you drink 8 oz at a time to cleanse your colon before a colonoscopy.  Yuck, I know! 

Goat Milk -- gives soap a Creaminess everybody loves. 

Sodium Hydroxide--commonly called lye,  this makes the bar a solid.  And I will repeat...sodium hydroxide is in every bar of soap, whether it is made at home or in a factory.  It is also used to make pretzels.  But don't ask me how. 

  • Glycerin -- we do not remove this naturally occurring by-product.  


I have tried to give you the absolute truth about the difference between commercial soaps and handcrafted soaps.  Now, you decide. 


 Would you consider wearing brass coils to cover up your crepey neck?  Maybe a few coils?  Oh,  I'm just being silly!  But since I hooked you with that photo...I should satisfy your curiosity about the brass coils (or was that just my curiosity?).


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