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Would you consider wearing brass coils to cover up your crepey neck?  Maybe a few coils?  Oh,  I'm just being silly!  But since I hooked you with that photo...I should satisfy your curiosity about the brass coils (or was that just my curiosity?).


Some women in Asia and Africa wear those beautiful brass coils--NOT to cover up a crepey neck, but to lengthen the neck. They consider a long neck to be beautiful.  It also identifies these women as part of their tribe.  

Young girls as early as age 2 start to wear coils.  Every year or so,  the coils are removed and longer coils are added until the girl reaches her maximum growth.  It is a time-consuming process to remove the coils and replace them, so it is not done very often. 

In part, it's an optical illusion that makes the neck look long.  But the coils also push the collarbone down and compress the rib cage.  (Oh, the absurd things we women do to be attractive!)   The collarbone becomes deformed, neck muscles weaken and the skin is bruised and discolored.  The coils are also painful to wear especially for women doing physical labor.  (Imagine yourself in high heels plowing a field.)

Kayan Lahwi, a tribe in Thailand are especially well known for their brass coils because the women are used as a tourist attraction, generating income for their tribe.  

In recent years, there have been some women who have removed the rings in protest of their cultural norms and exploitation.  (YOU GO, GIRLS!)  Some governments have also tried to  discourage the practice.

Now, that's out of the way...let's talk about crepey necks. 


If you ask, you don't have it!  And you must be under 50.  I bet I just made you go look in the mirror!!!! 

The phrase, "crepey skin"  actually came from "crepe" paper.  Crepe paper is colorful tissue       paper that is crinkled and used as party streamers.   But I found a better example... 

Take a look at my favorite animal, the elephant.  This wonderful animal is born with a severe case of crepey skin.  But as much as I love elephants, I don't want to look like one. 

I hear some women claim to wear their wrinkles with pride.  I admire those women for accepting and valuing themselves.  But that is not me, if my neck looked like this elephant, I'd move to China for some brass coils.  (I would never say that in front of an elephant.  You know they are very sensitive!)  In the meantime, I'm determined to fight wrinkles like a psychopath!   

So I turn to Josette Body Butter. I can not say that Josette Body Butter will alter your skin or         prevent crepey neck because if I did I would be making a drug claim and you know who would come bearing down on my you know what!!!


Every time I think about it, which unfortunately is often these days, I grab a Josette Body Butter.  I keep one on my night stand, one at my desk and one in the drawer next to my chair in the living room.  (That's a lie,  I have more than 1 in most of these places)

So easy to use.  Just pop the top, push the bottom disc until the butter appears, rub it on your skin and put the top back on.

There is extra room at the top of the lid so you don't have to push the butter back down.  No need to get any on your fingers.   But I will be the first to admit, it's hard not to touch because it puts a nice, smooth coating on the skin.

For most people, it will last all day.  If it doesn't, you must have extremely dry skin.  AND you     really need some. 


INGREDIENTS:  Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Seed Butter,Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil,
Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance, Jojoba Seed Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Squalane (Olive), Castor Seed Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)              **There is no fragrance in the unscented. 

The first ingredient is Beeswax.  (Ingredients are listed in a product in the order  of the most         quantity to least quantity down to 1% and thereafter a manufacturer can list those in any order).  Beeswax is a humectant.  Humectants draw water from the atmosphere to the skin. Think of a magnet.  As you know, hydration is a key component to keeping skin looking new. 

Beeswax is  very thick, but it does not suffocate or clog the pores of most people.  The Beeswax and Cocoa Butter are hard at room temperature.  Matter of fact, they are difficult to cut into and impossible to scoop out of the container in block form.  Therefore, I buy the Beeswax in a small pellet form that pours easily and melts quickly.  But the cocoa butter takes some muscle and a knife to break out in chunks.   

The other oils are a carefully selected blend high in anti-oxidants, fatty acids and vitamins.  These oils were carefully selected to give your skin a well-balanced cocktail of nutrients.  Some absorb into the skin while others will remain on the top layer.  Some give the product a smooth glide.  I minimized oils that feel sticky.  All have a shelf-life of two or more years.  


  • Swipe on legs after you shave. 
  • Swipe on the back side of your hands in the winter when knuckles crack and bleed. 
  • Swipe on rough elbows and knees. 
  • Swipe on your calloused feet at night and cover with socks. 
  • Swipe the Eucalyptus and Peppermint Body Butter on your chest.
  • Swipe on the Lavender Body Butter at night before going to bed. 
  • Swipe on your lips (yes, it has the same ingredients that most natural lip products have)
  • Swipe on minor cuts to keep the wound soft while it heals
  • Swipe on cuticles

And because it is not a liquid, you can carry it on airplanes without a problem. 


It easy, order online by clicking here.   Or Facebook message me.  You may also find the body butters in a retail store near you if you live in Oklahoma.  Click here for the retail stores.

Retails:  Around $10 for over 4 oz.  Can't beat that!! 

It comes in the ever popular, Cranberry Twist, Just For Him (women steal this one from men), Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oils and Unscented. 


Okay, here goes my secret.  I'm going to skip what we call the good manufacturing practices.  I melt the beeswax and cocoa butter in a glass measuring cup in the microwave.  (By the way, never use a container that is larger than the amount that you are heating in a microwave because the glass can explode.  No, I've never done it.)  Shea Butter is another hard oil, but not very hard.  It melts in your hand.   Therefore I add it last to the beeswax and cocoa butter. 

I add the other ingredients and stir.  I continually check the temperature because I do not want it to get too hot.  Too hot is bad for the natural, skin loving properties found in the raw ingredients. It will also warp the containers it is poured into. 

Too cold and it becomes a solid that can not be poured into containers.  So there is a sweet spot for the temperatures.  It goes in and out of the microwave during this time.  

EASY--right?  Yep.  The hard part was creating a formula that would give optimum performance considering the desirable qualities from the oils as well as getting a product that glides on smoothly.  


Let's wear body butter instead of brass coils. 


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