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  • CHARCOAL SOAP - Is It Just A Fad?

    Cosmetics have fad ingredients, just like clothing and accessories.  A few fads we have seen in the past are:  Retinol, Coenzyme Q10, Moroccan Oil and Argan Oil.  Recently, I’ve been asked frequently if I make Goat Milk Lotion.  I’m wondering where’s this advertising.  What’s up?  But the biggest... View Post
  • AFFIRMATIONS - You Are What You Think You Are

    Consider the needle that follows along the grooves on an old vinyl record.  Every time you think a thought it becomes further etched into your mind.  If you bump the needle, it will drop back down into the groove…unless there is a major movement or an interruption.  Same with our brains, barring some major event or activity, we will default back to the affirmations that we have etched into our brains...negative thoughts chip away at our self-esteem and destroy our happiness, but they determine our behavior.  Our thoughts become a self-fulling prophecy

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    How is handcrafted soap made?  Common ingredients and not so common ingredients.  And very strange ingredients. The process explained from beginning to end for cold or hot processing. When do you taste the soap to see if it's done. How is lye used in the process.  How did glycerin get in there. What commercial manufacturers do with the glycerin.  Can we put CBD oil in soap? We put our soap to bed and anxiously wait.

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