Reaching out to women everywhere offering compassion and encouragement

  along with a dab of  this, a slice of that, and a spritz here and there. 


Yes, our skincare products are fantastic, but we want to do more.

We want to serve. We want to brighten a women's outlook.

We want them to feel loved and respected.


HOW, you ask?

Every fragrance has been named to encourage and motivate. Most products with

a large enough label have a message for successful living. We stress the importance

of affirmations because we are what we think we are. It begins in the mind.

Watch our post on Facebook and Instagram every Sunday and Monday.


We make generous donations of money and skincare products to women

and children who are escaping domestic violence and sex trafficking.

Every October we have a Buy One, Give One campaign.


It seems like small drops in the ocean. So we remind ourselves that

it's one women at a time and one small deed at a time.


Please, Treat Yourself Love Yourself


  • Absolutely love everything I have purchased. I quit buying body washes from the drugstores and only use these soaps. My skin thanks me for it. Even my husband uses them. Thanks for making a great product.
    - Sarah
  • I purchased a sugar scrub at The Affair Of The Heart, I absolutely love it and so does my skin!! I'm so tickled to find your products!
    - D'Ann
  • In love with the cranberry twist soap!! Ran across her booth at the affair of the heart! Very sweet and we had a great chat! Will def. be buying more products!
    - Marla
  • Cranberry Twist is one of my hands down favorite scents! I have the bar soap and the bath soda is definitely become a go to for me. Can't wait to try more products! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone that loves soaking in a bath.
    - Emili
  • The Josette products are the finest of any I have ever used. They have the finest scents and silkiest feeling on your body. Will not use anything else!
    - Cheryl
  • I love this stuff! Or better, my skin loves this stuff! Since switching to Josette, I haven’t had any more scaly dry skin in the winter. When I gave some of these bars to my coworkers as gifts last Christmas, they said they had the same great results.
    - Vicki
  • Love these products! Makes my skin feel wonderful and the scents make my showers or baths sooo much more relaxing! Highly recommend that you try Josette, if you haven't already. You will love how you feel in your own skin.
    - Kristal